Abu Ali Library


The library complex is a two storey building with the capacity for five hundred (500) readers at a time. The ground floor of the complex; is accommodating the exhibition, conference room and bindery section, while the first floor comprises of serials, reference, documentation centre, staff offices and circulation unit. The library holdings are over 30,320 and reasonable number of past and current periodicals, journals, Government paper and publications.

The College has an e-Library which is located in the ground floor.

Objectives of the Library

  1. To provide materials in support of teaching and learning process. That is, materials for students course work, assigned reading as well as background reading for essays. Term papers and projects.
  2. To provide materials to meet the requirement of all categories of students and courses.
  3. To provide materials to assist the library user in his/her personal self-development.
  4. To cooperate with other Libraries with a view to developing a network of academic library resources which are at the disposal of all students and staff.
  5. To meet the specialized information needs of the community within which the College is situated.
Acting Librarian
Ali Muhammad Nasir


The library’s opening hours vary according to the following schedules:

  1. Semester period: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 10:00pm, public holidays: closed
  2. Vacations: Monday to Saturday: 8:00am to 4:00pm, Public Holidays: closed

Administration of the Library

The College library is headed by the College librarian. He is assisted by a team of qualified professional staff. The library has seven operational Units, which headed by a library staff.

The Technical/Collection Development Unit:

Section has an Author/Title catalogue at the moment which represents the stock of the library. The catalogue cabinets are filled according to dictionary form, i.e. alphabetically with the surnames first. The library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDC) and catalogues in accordance with the provision of the AACR 2.1978. (Anglo American Cataloguing Rules).

The Circulation Unit: handles registration of users, issuance of books and calling back hooks where necessary. Senior staff are loaned three hooks for a period of one month, while students/Junior staff are loaned two books for a period of two weeks. Books are renewable at the expiration f loan period. However, renewal may be refused if a book has been reserved for another member or for any reason the College Librarian deems it necessary to retain the book in the library.

Reference Unit: – Stock materials considered to be Secondary sources of information i.e. Encyclopedias, Gazettes, Almanacs, Atlases, Yearbooks etc.

Reserve Unit: – Stock materials of high demand and of limited copies. Attached to each unit is a member of staff attending to users’ enquiries on his/her information needs.

Documentation Centre:- This is a special place where government papers. seminar/conference proceedings, workshops and projects of both students and members of staff who went for further studies are kept for reference.

Serial Section: Contains periodicals, i.e. bulletin, journals newspapers and magazines. This section of the library caters for researches and recreational reading.

Bindery Unit: This is the Library Clinic where damaged books are treated. Because of wear and tear. Many books were damaged and are rebound in the bindery unit. Students’ projects and other materials are also bound there.


The use of the library is normally permitted to bona fide staff and students of the College of Education Azare who have registered with it.

Collection Development

A fast growing institution like College of Education Azare, apart from developing the library stock to a certain level, must have an on acquisition policy. To this an acquisition policy is made where student are charged taken amount during registration for the development of the library.

Overdue Charge

A token fee per book per day is charged for each library material kept after due date.


The library organizes literary instruction as a credit earning courses in general students programme (GST 122). This is normally design to enable students make effective use of the library.


The only formality required is the completion of a reader’s registration form, duly endorsed by the staff or student’s Head of Department, and the submission of a passport photograph. Each member, on registration is issued with borrower’s ticket.

  • Staff                            –          3
  • Undergraduate          –           3
  • N.C.E.                         –          2

Digital Resources

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