College Clinic

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The College Clinic was established in 1978; just a year after the founding of the College. At that time the College was yet to be relocated to the permanent site. On the relocation to the permanent site one of the flats in the staff quarters served as clinic facility. In 2009 an eight-bed capacity facility with pharmacy, consulting rooms, reception, dressing room and records office was constructed through E.T.F. intervention. In 2014/2015 the College Management constructed a facility comprising an eight-room amenity ward, an eight-bed female ward and a medical laboratory. This facility was constructed from the internally generated revenue of the College. The Clinic has the following staff:

1. Medical doctors   3
2. Pharmacists 2
3. Nurses 9
4. Pharmacy technicians 1
5. Medical laboratory technicians 2
6. Community Health Extension Workers 5
7. Junior Community Health Extension Workers 5
8 Medical record officers 2
9. Executive officers 4
10. Health Assistants 6
11. Cleaners 2
12. Driver 1
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Ag. Director Nursing Services
Aminu Yusuf

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